Hannah PARRIS – Marriage Clinton County, Indiana – Moses BLYSTONE

Last Name: PARRIS

First Name: HANNAH

Spouse- Last Name: MOSES

Spouse- First Name: BLYSTONE

County: Clinton

Date: 3-8-1838


One Response to “Hannah PARRIS – Marriage Clinton County, Indiana – Moses BLYSTONE”
  1. Ronald Clidence says:

    Josephus Blystone is the son of Moses and Hannah Paris Blystone.He Married Mary (Addie)Adaline Talbert 13 Dec.1866.Their children were Nora D.Blystone Sloan Lydia Myrtle Blystone Strawn.(My great grandmother) She married William H.Strawn.He was electricuted in1918 on their farm NW of Hillisburg.She remarried a George Hodson of Hartford City.Last they had a son Fred T. Blystone he married Muriel Kuhns.Fred recently(31 July 2012)had a daughter pass away Margaret Blystone Pogue in Rochester Hills Michigan 102!I Josephus and Mary are buried in Greenlawn cemetery Frankfort .Lydia and I believe Nora are buried in Whiteman cemetery down the road from Paris cemetery where other Blystones are.One question do you know where Fred and Muriel Blystone are buried??—Ron Clidence,Anderson Indiana

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