Ship Pink Plaisance ~ 1732 ~ Jacob BIESECKER

List of foreigners imported in the ship Pink Plaisance, John Paret, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 21 1732.

BESICKER, Christian

BOSSAKER, Jacob……………………..46

BISSACOR, Anna Mare……………………..20

1732 Plaisance

[List 22 A, B, C] Plaisance (Pink)
Captain: John Parrett
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Cowes
Arrival: Philadelphia, 21 Sep 1732

Seventy-two Palatines, who with their families, making in all one hundred eighty-eight persons.

Jacob Bisecker, 46
Anna Maria (Klotz), 20
[Johann Christoph, 19]
[Hans Jacob, 18]
Bur1983 Besiker, Bessaker, Bissacor; to Montgomery Co, PA

Ship Pink Plaisance, 1732

    (List 22A)  List of the Palatines imported in the Pink Plaisance, John Parrett, Mr, from Rott’r, but last from Cowes.  Qualified Sep’r 21st, 1732.)

Jacob Bessaker 46
Anna Mare Bissacor 20

“The pink PLAISANCE (pink refers to the ship type, and is not part of its name) arrived in Philadelphia in September 1732, as you are probably aware.”


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